‘Fables’ Hits The Big Screen

As we all know, superheroes are making boatloads of money for studios, and other genres of comics are heading to Hollywood as a result. Which means Fables is headed to the big screen.

Fables, for those who haven’t been reading, is about fairy tale characters, forced out of their home, who live among us mere mortals in New York. Of course, they still have all their powers and abilities, and don’t age, so hiding becomes a top priority… and that can be difficult to do when you’re a talking badger.

This adaptation isn’t a rush-job, though, with some fairly substantial talent behind it:

Nikolaj Arcel, who directed the well-received Danish film A Royal Affair, is attached to direct the fantasy adaptation, which will be written by Jeremy Slater. David Heyman and Jeffrey Clifford of Heyday Films, the shingle behind the Harry Potter movies, are on board to produce.

Fables has been trying to get on the big screen for pretty much a solid decade. A Jim Henson Company adaptation sadly never came together, and an attempt to make it into a TV series didn’t work out either. It’s had more luck in other media; Telltale Games recently announced it was creating an episodic adventure game around the book.

Personally, we’re all for it provided they skip over the first arc, which is pretty much just a locked-room murder mystery, and go straight to the second, Animal Farm, which features a bunch of funny animals rioting. Really, you can’t go wrong with a funny animal riot. Who hasn’t wanted to see the Three Little Pigs chucking Molotovs?