This Guy Spent Two Hours Savagely Trolling His Would-Be Facebook Scammer


Online scammers are not known for being terribly bright when it comes to their scamming tactics. Good for us, bad for them. (But also, don’t scam people?) Anyone offering you something for nothing, but then wants monetary compensation for offering you something for nothing, is probably up to no good.

So that’s why, when a dude named Tom Sheerin living in the UK got a Facebook message from a stranger alluding to some “winnings” headed his way, he quickly saw through the ruse. However instead of just immediately shutting him down or blocking him like most people would do, Sheerin decided to have a little bit of fun with his would be scammer, in an exchange that ended up lasting over two hours.

To add insult to the injury of wasting the would-be scammer’s precious time, Sheerin screenshot the entire conversation and publicly posted it to Facebook, so other people could laugh at his expense.

When somehow the “prostitute charity” didn’t tip the scammer off, Sheerin kept going.

(How many grandmothers can one man have??)

Then Sheerin took things a step further by pretending to be Marty McFly from Back to the Future.

Oh shit, Zuckerberg is involved in this scam? How far does it go?

At that point, presumably the scammer figured out that he had become the scammee, and realized that $500 wasn’t worth the trouble. All’s well that ends well — except for the scammer, who is probably still a piece of crap.

(Via Metro)

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