Trill Ass Rap Fan Has The Time Of His Life Rapping Rick Ross’ “Sanctified” In His Car

“Sanctified” has all the makings of Rick Ross’ next single from Mastermind. He’s already performing it on TV. Kanye actually raps on there. The gospel-sampled record seems to be one of the most talked about cuts from the project on social media. And truthfully, anything that takes away from his bonehead Trayvon Martin line is a move in the right direction.

But the most compelling argument in favor of giving “Sanctified” a real push comes from one fan, Cody. Before catching the holy Hip-Hop spirit, buddy had the foresight of placing a camera on the dashboard in his car. What happens next is was rather damn hilarious.

1. The fact he knows all the lyrics already and rarely fumbled over any words is by far the second most impressive aspect.

2. The first is how he avoids dropping the n-word (all while wearing his seat belt). Go civil rights. Go vehicular safety. Go America.

3. The handkerchief though!

4. Regardless of how you feel about Big Sean, that hook is ferocious. You know it. I know it. And Cody definitely knows it. Expect to hear it drunkenly chanted at every club this spring where dreams are sold each weekend over a bottle of Ciroc.

5. The slight mean mug at the start of Rozay’s verse? Priceless.

6. Perhaps most important for Cody, Ross gave the impromptu karaoke performance his stamp of approval. If Ricky’s as big a boss as he says he is, paperwork is already been drafted to have Cody appear in the official video.