A Fight Between Roommates Over Fried Chicken Resulted In A Man’s Death


A West Houston apartment that is home to “four or five Cuban men” was the scene of a murder last Friday night, and the dispute seems to have stemmed from fried chicken. Darwin Perez Gonzalez, 34, was found stabbed with a steak knife after an argument with his 38-year-old roommate, Reinaldo Cardoso River, over who got the last piece of homemade fried chicken. I feel like an important detail to the story was that the last piece of chicken was also a drumstick.

The fight initially started indoors, but eventually moved outside, where several witnesses watched the tragedy unfold.

“There was a single drumstick in the pan,” according to HPD Homicide Detective Fil Waters. “You can’t script this stuff. It’s someone getting killed over a piece of chicken. Pretty tragic.”

Pretty tragic, indeed.

(Via The Houston Chronicle)