Final Fantasy VIII Is On Steam, And Includes A Game You Haven’t Played

As regular readers know, I am not necessarily the biggest fan of the inaptly named Final Fantasy series. But I am a fan of unreleased video games coming, finally, to the US, so Final Fantasy VIII getting a release has my attention.

The game itself is, well, it’s a Final Fantasy game. You wander around an overworld, pick fights with the local wildlife and political structure, and discover that groups of mercenaries apparently live their lives like every day is a soap opera. Realistically speaking, fans of the series are probably already downloading this game.

What’s more interesting is the associated minigame, Chocobo World. Released for the Pocket Station, a console that never came to the US and was basically a monochrome LCD screen bolted to a memory card, it’s about Final Fantasy animals going off on their own adventure. It’s not exactly Red Dead Redemption, but it was a part of the game and when it was localized, those parts weren’t cut out, leaving the game with a minor but odd gap.

And now, for twelve bucks, you can fill that gap! This is Windows-only, for now, but we’re pretty sure the five Mac gamers out there will get a crack at it in a couple of years.