Finally, Hitler Reacts To 'Gangnam Style'

Want to feel old? The “Hitler Reacts” meme, which originated from a scene in Downfall in which Adolf Hitler uncharacteristically begins acting crazy, first went viral in 2006. That’s the same year that 30 Rock premiered and “Bad Day” was a number-one song. As far as the Internet goes, that makes it ancient, unlike “Gangnam Style,” which is still going strong after three months of making people laugh at a man dancing like he’s riding a horse. (Hitler did the same thing to entertain his guests, though you never hear him demanding the credit.)

It was inevitable that someone would combine the two memes, and that someone is “Nearly Yuan,” who really outdid himself with “Oppa Führer style.” Who knew Hitler had such a sense of timing? Be sure to tell your family all about the video while celebrating Rosh Hashanah tonight.

(Via Reddit)