The Prime Minister Of Finland Loves To Party And (Most Of) The Internet Has Come To Her Defense

Just like the Beastie Boys taught us, the internet is ready to fight for the right to party. Only in this case, it’s for Sanna Marin, the 36-year-old prime minister of Finland, who has been getting dragged by critics for committing the apparently cardinal sin of… dancing and have fun in her free time? After someone leaked a video of Marin at a private party, her detractors have been demanding everything from a drug test to a full-on resignation.

“This is the Prime Minister of Finland Sanna Marin. Some been saying she’s cool… maybe among other teenagers. But a responsible leader for a country in crisis? She is by far the most incompetent PM we ever had. Knows nothing,” Finnish talk show host Aleksi Valavuori tweeted. “Please take your leather jacket and resign. Thanks.”

“Just for the sake of the discussion in public, it would be wise if the Prime Minister @MarinSanna voluntarily went through a drug screening, the results of which would be made public by an independent body. The people are also allowed to expect this from their prime minister,” tweeted Finnish parliament member Mikko Kärnä.

However, Sanna is already pushing back on the “scandal” and defending her pretty normal actions from critics. Via Mediaite:

“I have danced, sung, celebrated, done legal things,” she said. “I have a family life, I have a work life and I have free time to spend with my friends,” she added. “Pretty much the same as many people my age.”

Naturally, the internet thinks it’s awesome that Marin is out living her life, and numerous people rushed to defend her on Twitter. In fact, several wished this was the only “scandal” happening in their own countries.

(Via Mediaite)