First Look At “Issues”, The Animated Series About Superheroes In Therapy

Did you like the show “Dr. Katz” but thought it needed a little more live action and Superman flying around with his wang out?  Good news, weirdo!   Crackle (owned by Sony) is premiering a new series, Issues, on the 20th of this month.  The show was created by Josh Cooke and Matt Oakes and features the voice acting of Seth Green, Rob Riggle, Ron Livingston, Eric Stonestreet, Greg Grunberg, and Eddie Kaye Thomas.  The voice actors play animated superheroes in a live-action world — à la Who Framed Roger Rabbit? — who go to therapy sessions with Dr. Ted (played by Josh Cooke).  They have major issues, hence the on-the-nose title.

The voice actors were allowed to improv some of their lines, and the good ones were kept and animated later.  Unfortunately, for now it’s only going to be six episodes of three to four minutes apiece.  I would watch like seven hours of Rob Riggle improving as Captain Magnificent.  But not eight hours.  That’s just crazy.

The first look is below, and the creators and some of the cast will also be at the San Diego Comic-Con on Friday, July 22 at 9:30 PM to do a panel on the show.

[Video via THR, who also have an interview with Oakes and Cooke.]