Five Properties We Wish LucasArts Would Turn Into An FPS

Job posts on LucasArts’ corporate website, which is how the Internet learns about video games in development, tell us that there’s an FPS from the company on the way.

But what exactly is it? The company has been fairly exclusively turning out Star Wars games for years now, but George Lucas does own other properties. And maybe it’s time he trotted a few of them out. Needless to say…we’ve got a few suggestions.

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Before we begin: man, the Japanese sure know how to make a movie look amazing on a poster, huh?

Anyway, we want this not because we think the movie is an unappreciated classic, because it’s terrible, if amusingly ’80s terrible. We want this because we want to be able to blow away the midget in a duck suit with Jeffrey Jones’ electro-powers.


Leaving aside any jokes about Val Kilmer turning into a pig, Willow actually has a little potential as an FPS. Skyrim shows that magic spells and melee combat can work in the first person, and if nothing else, dwarves in fantasy settings are hot right now. Just ask Peter Dinklage. Besides, the Willow arcade game was actually pretty good, and it could use some love.


It’s practically got the video game structure already, and hiring back Terry Jones would not only be easy, he’s written a few adventure games before. It’d also sell to all the people who missed the entire message of the movie and still cling to their childhood crying about how they never got a sequel.


Yukio Mishima would actually make a great video game protagonist, if for no other reason than he’s basically Marcus Fenix if Fenix were real and deeply tortured by mental illness and an inability to accept his own homosexuality. Plus the reaction from the literary community would be entertaining.


Finally, there’s this one, which is so self-explanatory that it annoys us it hasn’t happened yet. Indy would be ideal for an FPS: he crawls around sewers and caves, he’s decent at stealth and escapes, he’s got fists of granite, and he spends most of his time shooting Nazis. Also, Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings was like getting kicked in the nards. You owe us, George.