The Flatmobile Is Like The Batmobile, But Flatter, Because You Need That

So here’s something we somehow didn’t know existed until today. It’s called The Flatmobile, as it’s modeled after the Batmobile. It was designed by Perry Watkins and can shoot flames out of its jet engine, which the movies have taught us is a must for crime-fighting. The Flatmobile is the former Guinness World Record holder for lowest street legal car at only 19″ tall (since beat by the 17.79″ Mirai).

It should be noted that cars like this aren’t street legal at night because the headlights are too low. So it would break the law to drive this Batmobile-based car at night? Good thing I see a lot of lawwwbreakers in Gotham.

You can watch this darkest deathtrap in action via this BBC News video and pictures courtesy of Flatmobile.

Via Laughing Squid