A Florida Homeless Man Reported A Dead Body By Using The Skull As A Puppet Outside Of Publix

Earlier this week outside of a Sebastian, Florida, Publix grocery store, witnesses saw a homeless man carrying around and talking to what appeared to be a very lifelike human skull, using the skull as a puppet. Just your typical Wednesday in Florida, folks! Nick Pecoraro, a bystander at the scene, said he thought the skull was fake (at this point, the unidentified man had set it on top of a trashcan), but once he got close enough to it, there was apparently no mistaking the smell of death.

At this point, Pecoraro called 911, and cops were able to track down the homeless man, who led them to human remains in a wooded area often frequented by the homeless, according to WBPF 25 News.

Indian River County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Thomas Raulen said the unidentified homeless man had been living in the wooded area when he stumbled upon the skeletal remains near a path. “He had put the skull on top of a trash can over there because he wanted to tell somebody to call the Sheriff’s Office,” insisted Raulen Tuesday.

Interesting use of the news report’s use of the word “insisted,” as if some might be skeptical of the motivations of a possible schizophrenic carrying around a human skull and having a conversation with it like it’s the most normal thing in the world. At any rate, investigators have yet to identify the body, cause of death, or even gender, but it’s highly unlikely that the homeless man will become a suspect in the investigation.

(Via WPBF 25 News via Orlando Weekly)