The First Bootleg Video And GIFs From ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’ Have Us Hooked On A Feeling


(UPDATE: We got a takedown notice from Marvel. Party’s over, folks.)

Yesterday we saw the first set pictures from Guardians of the Galaxy, and today we’re finally getting some bootleg videos of the footage which screened at Comic-Con and at the recent D23 Expo. It is, not surprisingly, comedic in tone, which is the only way something as strange as Guardians Of The Galaxy will work on screen. Besides the footage being set to the silly “Hooked on a Feeling”, it also ends with funny dialogue in which John C. Reilly says, “They call themselves the Guardians Of The Galaxy.” Then Peter Serafinowicz replies, “What a bunch of a-holes.”

Oh, and this happened:

(UPDATE: There used to be an awesome GIF of Rocket Raccoon here, but Marvel doesn’t like free publicity, we guess.)

Yes. That’s how you do Rocket Raccoon.

On a related note, Brett White tweeted this right after the footage leaked, and it was too funny not to mention here.

Only one thing we can say to DC right now:

(UPDATE: There used to be an awesome picture of Rocket Raccoon here.)

Moving on, here is the video while it lasts.

Here’s another embed, in case the other one gets pulled.

We’ve placed some more GIFs and pictures on page two for posterity (UPDATE: images removed, unfortunately), because we suspect every video embed will be pulled quickly.

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