‘Forza 5’ Will Basically Be A Playable ‘Top Gear’ Episode

Top Gear is, if you haven’t seen it, a hilarious mix of a newsmagazine about cars and a Mythbusters episode. It’s the kind of show where they try to figure out how to destroy a Porsche 911 before reviewing some luxury vehicle you can never afford, and then take revenge on campers. And now, they’re going to be in the Xbox One launch title Forza 5.

This isn’t going to be a cameo, either. All three presenters, James May, Richard Hammond, and of course Jeremy Clarkson, weighing in on various car related topics through the game’s career mode. Here’s Clarkson, for example, waxing ecstatic over supercars:

And yes, Top Gear fans, you will be able to race the Stig. Honestly, it’s a nice touch that a game like this goes out of their way to get three notable announcers not just for their talent but for the fact that they’re all gearheads. They all have their own tastes and interests in cars, but they also all love cars, and that’s crucial to a game like this, which is pretty much about rendering cars and simulating driving them with perfect accuracy.

That said, if we don’t get to torture Clarkson by putting him in the smallest street legal car ever, that will be profoundly disappointing. Also, Microsoft, be sure to at least include a few caravans to destroy. It’s just not going to be the same without them.