The LEGO Version Of Rudy Giuliani’s Four Seasons Total Landscaping Trump Press Conference Is Spectacular

Rudy Giuliani’s slapdash press conference last week between a sex shop and a crematorium just keeps getting funnier, this time thanks to a Reddit user who knows his way around a set of LEGO bricks. The personal lawyer of Donald Trump continues to hold events, claiming he will present evidence of widespread election fraud that robbed Trump of a second term. Thus far he’s produced zero evidence.

What has surfaced, however, is a bounty of hilarious reactions and riffs on Giuliani’s press conference, which somehow may go down as the most bizarre and fitting moment of the 2020 presidential campaign. And now there is a LEGO version of that scene, thanks to a Reddit user who is also a Dungeons and Dragons fan who goes by OchreJelly. Images of both the custom-made model and it mocked up as a LEGO box circulated online this weekend, both on Reddit and Twitter.

Absolutely none of this is licensed, of course, as the background creatures include a Minecraft creeper, a LEGO Batman dressed to go swimming, and a Star Wars stormtrooper and droid. But the green brick LEGO warehouse in the background is spot on, and the hastily-erected Trump signs serving as a press conference background have all been changed to read “LOSER 2020.” The set is, fittingly, called “Definitely Winning.” The box listed also says there are 538 pieces, which is the total number of votes available in the electoral college.

Ochre_Jelly on Reddit

The full gallery of images and mockups is available on Flickr, and it’s definitely worth a look. There’s a very angry-looking Giuliani and a bit more detail in the Four Seasons background, like an alien peeking out through the windows. Though it’s unlikely LEGO will license this project, like it often has to other fan-made sets, it is nice to know that this very weird era of modern American culture did finally create some great art.