Fox News Hosts Awkwardly Realized That Brian Cox Called Them ‘The Devil’ After Gushing Over His Anti-Woke Comments

Succession‘s Logan Roy himself, Brian Cox, portrayed a media mogul who had plenty in common with Rupert Murdoch. Yet as it turns out, Cox isn’t a fan of Fox News, and he wouldn’t even entertain a “f*ck off” for them. Rather, he declared that they are “the devil.”

There’s not much room there for misinterpretation, but The Five‘s hosts didn’t immediately recall this slight. Greg Gutfeld and Dana Perino then slowly remembered the situation, but this didn’t happen until after much fawning took place over Cox’s recent declaration that “woke culture is truly awful.” Cox made this observation to Piers Morgan, and he added that he was disgusted with the “arbiters of this shaming,” which he attributed to “usually a bunch of millennials.” And that was music to The Five‘s ears, until the aforementioned awkward realization.

The Daily Beast’s Justin Baragona tweeted this clip:

Gutfeld also admitted that he originally took “the devil” remark “as a compliment,” which says a lot, but Perino added, “I think that Greg might be right… I think if you were to google, he might not be as conservative as I think he might be. I’m remembering something…” So awkward.

It’s too bad that Geraldo Rivera left them. He likely could have saved them this embarrassment.

(Via The Daily Beast)