Fox News’ ‘Comedy’ Show With Greg Gutfeld Keeps Repeating The Same Joke, And No One Understands Why

Greg Gutfeld of Fox News’ The Five is apparently doing the late-night comedy thing as of this week on his new show, Greg Gutfeld’s Gutfeld! It’s not going too well and, in fact, the whole thing is very strange, but at least the show is delivering on its promise to be an alternative to what’s currently out there in the late-night-talk and late-night-cable landscape. There’s truly nothing else like this show out there, so perhaps the novelty counts for something.

Gutfeld has been described as a a “hard-edged satirist,” although that’s a confusing take because even satire is supposed to be funny. The trainwreck continued on the show’s third night, and as Vox’s Aaron Rupar noted, Gutfeld is repeating the same jokes (like this bizarreness about CNN), and in this case, he’s done it three times. There’s something here involving… “racist” grandmas and a bear? it makes no sense at all.

Choice replies included, “Just like my drunk neighbor. Always telling me the same story” and “They’re really leaning on their greatest misses” And so on.

Then there was a skit making fun of Jen Psaki using Rorschach blots. Hoo boy.

Previously, the Daily Beast spoke with some comedians who’ve offered their own criticism of Gutfeld’s show. They’re not impressed, including how Jena Friedman (formerly of The Daily Show and now of Borat Subsequent Moviefilm) stated, “It’s like watching a guy going through a divorce doing an impression of Bill Maher.” Ouch, and as Michael Ian Black noted on Twitter, the real humor can be found in the show’s Garfield-esque logo.