People Are Dragging Fox News For Calling Gun-Control Advocate Jamie Lee Curtis A Hypocrite Over ‘Halloween’

Universal Pictures

Because Fox News is gonna Fox News, on Wednesday morning the network tweeted an article that attempts to shame Jamie Lee Curtis for wielding firearms in the latest Halloween franchise reboot, despite the fact that she herself is personally an outspoken advocate for gun control legislation. Scathing!

The article notes that at one point in the film, which opens nationwide next week, Curtis’s character Laurie Strode is seen firing a gun at the ubiquitous villain Michael Myers as he’s standing in front of a window. The outlet argues that this is a glaring testament to her blatant hypocrisy.

Curtis’s on-screen actions stand in contrast to her real-life persona as an advocate for gun control — one of several Hollywood actors who use firearms in their films while preaching against them away from the set.

In light of several high-profile mass shootings, Curtis has voiced her support for gun reform legislation. But she’s also appeared in films such as “True Lies,” “Virus,” “Halloween II” and “Blue Steel” where she uses firearms multiple times.

Amazing, isn’t it, that actors can play characters that don’t represent their real-world ideals and opinions? Although if Jamie Lee Curtis is ever being stalked by a vicious serial killer in real life, she too, may opt to reach for a gun. Thankfully, that sort of thing doesn’t happen very often outside of the fictional realm of movies.

Not surprisingly, The Ratio quickly went into effect by those dragging Fox News for the hit piece and soon after, it became a full-blown meme.

Fox News knows exactly what its doing though, and the whole tedious exercise can probably be best summed up by this tweet from Michael McKean:

Another day, another manufactured outrage.