Fox News Had Themselves A Little Meltdown Over A Report Calling Trump The Worst U.S. President Of All Time (And Which Put Obama In The Top 10)

Monday was President’s Day, and Fox News chose an unexpected way to ring in the holiday: by covering a new report that ranks every U.S. president in history. Where did their on-again-off-again favorite, Donald Trump, fall? In last place. They tried to downplay the bad news while covering it over social media. Now their hosts are going into full-on meltdown mode.

“A new ranking — and I’m going to add, in my view, highly questionable ranking — of presidents is turning heads after Biden came in higher than Donald Trump and Ronald Reagan!” steamed Kayleigh McEnany.” “In his wildest dreams!”

McEnany, of course, is one of Trump’s former press secretaries, and one of many ex-staffers he’s turned on. Once he even called her “Milktoast.” None of that stopped her from rushing to his defense.

“Abe Lincoln ranked first — Ok, fair,” she said. “Then comes [Barack] Obama at 7th; and Biden came in 14th, actually beating Ronald Reagan, who came in 16th; and Trump, dead last…this is infuriating in so many ways!”

McEnany’s fury was echoed by contributor Lisa Boothe. “It also goes to show you, though, how history can be written and some of it can be built off a lie, as well,” she said. “But, no, this list is bogus, everyone knows that Obama is not that high. He was a terrible president.”

Joe Concha simply found the list funny, saying he “broke two ribs laughing so hard” at it:

“You’re tell me Ronald Reagan — who brought us peace and prosperity, inherited a mess out of Carter, and only, his administration brought down the friggin’ Soviet Union — that he ranks lower than Joe Biden, who’s given us high food prices, high gas prices, an open border, educational test scores at a 30-year low, the world seems like it is on fire because it is, and all the crime we’ve talked about in major cities — you rank him above Reagan? I mean, this is the best unintentional comedy out there and it hurts, literally.”

Fox News once turned on Trump, throwing their weight behind his potential successor, Ron DeSantis. That didn’t work out so hot. So now they’re back to coddling the wannabe dictator who doesn’t even know how magnets work.

(Via Mediaite)