Kid Snacks From The ’80s And ’90s That Deserve A French Toast Crunch-Style Comeback

General Mills has responded to the cries of the public and announced that French Toast Crunch, the much-loved, maple-flavored cereal, will return. Thank God! The cereal was only in it’s 11th year when it was discontinued in 2006. Die hard fans of this delicious creation can now rejoice.

“Requests and passion for the cereal” are the reasons for its return, according to Big G marketing manager Waylon Good. There was a petition to bring back the popular cereal, plus a Facebook page for fans to come together and reminisce.

Now is a good time to present a wish list of other packaged goods that deserve lobbying for a supermarket revival.

Hubba Bubba Bubble Jug

Never has powdered gum been so delicious. The sweet bubble-gum powder of Bubble Jug softens perfectly in your mouth before magically congealing into a glob of gum. One could easily eat a whole jug of powder in one sitting. The candy is now so rare that prices online are up to $27.71.

Pop-Tarts Crunch

The commercial for this product alone is great —- it’s wonderful to see a young garage rocker so passionate for toaster strudel-inspired cereal. Honestly, I only remember the advert because it’s included on a VHS I have of Are You Afraid of the Dark? recordings that I re-watch annually. Based on the jingle, this cereal deserves to be seen again.

Nickelodeon Green Slime Icepops

These super special popsicles come in Blue Raspberry, Watermelon, and Strawberry Ice, each filled with green slime. The slime was a combination of corn syrup and locust bean gum, and if memory serves me correctly, was quite good.

Lunchables S’Mores

There’s nothing like making s’mores without a campfire. It’s slightly sad, but you can’t always wait for a bonfire to fulfill s’more cravings. Lunchables fulfilled those desires by creating a snack where you can just spread marshmallow fluff on graham crackers with one of those red sticks that are so popular among packaged goods.

Big Stuff Oreo

Oreo came out with this brilliant concept -— just one big Oreo, individually wrapped. Perfect for the person who wants to fully indulge without eating more than one cookie. Introduced to the world in 1984, and sadly taken away in 1991.

Springle Spangles

These were little sugar cookies masquerading as cereal, and they worked wonderfully. They flaunted that every angle was covered in a sprinkle. These delights were discontinued in 1998.


This snack is enjoyable in flavor but also teaches great lessons on how to create the perfect cookie-to-frosting ratio. You don’t want to be one of those chumps who ends up with a bunch of un-frosted kangaroos because you went crazy with the dippings on the first round.

Crispy M&Ms

Because they were crispy, they sort of tasted like they could be stale, but that’s why they were so great! Introduced in 1999, these were the kind of M&Ms that would never melt in your hands or mouth. Production of these gems ended in 2005.

Butterfinger BB’s

With Bart Simpson running the ad campaign, one would think Butterfinger BB’s would be around forever. Alas, the little peanut chocolate balls, introduced in ’92, were taken away in 2006.

Mr. T Cereal

Pee Wee Herman famously enjoys of bowl of this limited edition cereal in his movie Pee Wee’s Big Adventure. Since Pee Wee has made a come-back, so too shall this cereal. Or one can dream.