The ‘Me Explaining’ Meme Might Give You Scholastic Book Fair Flashbacks

A relatable new meme emerged in May after Quen Blackwell tweeted a before and after photo comparison of herself with the description, “a mental health glo up. I’m so proud of myself dude. I literally LOOK healthier.” People soon juxtaposed the “before” picture of Blackwell with a screencap of Ms. Juicy Baby from an episode Lifetime Channel reality series Little Women: Atlanta to make it appear like the two are having a one-sided conversation.

The tweet at the top of the page was a particularly popular early entry in the genre, and here are a couple more representative samples:

The most common theme of the jokes, however, was the arguments many of us had with our long-suffering parents when we were kids. And yes, we still want those chocolate scented erasers from the Scholastic Book Fair. Parents just don’t understand.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe was also a surprisingly popular (though not too surprising) subject of jokes:

Speaking of media properties that may be confusing to some, the upcoming PlayStation 4 video game Death Stranding continued to baffle the Internet:

And some people chose to baffle law enforcement instead:

While other people are befuddling their partner instead:

And some just resorted to shameless pleading:

(Hat tip to Buzzfeed)