The Internet Takes Dead Aim At GameStop After They Announce They’re For Sale

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GameStop, the go-to destination to purchase video games throughout the mid-aughts through the first half of this decade, has been obviously struggling in the past few years. The rise of digital distribution by systems like Xbox Live and PlayStation have made deep cuts into GameStop’s bottom line, and big box stores such as Best Buy and Wal-Mart getting into the used game business, in addition to as well as online retailers like Amazon, certainly hasn’t helped.

That’s why few were surprised by the news on Tuesday that the electronics retailer is reportedly shopping around for a buyer. The news follows a 2017 announcement that GameStop was planning to close over 150 stores and put more of a focus on its non-gaming business.

So far the rumors are nothing more than that — just rumors — however if a deal does go through it most certainly won’t bode well for the future of brick-and-mortar stores, and that includes the employees that still work there as well as the handful of gamers that still rely on them.

But other than that, few people seem to be mourning the potential loss of GameStop, which has always employed the unsavory practice of selling games at full price and then buying them back for pennies on the dollar. So in light of the news, pretty much everyone had the same joke to make.

Best of luck with that deal, GameStop.