‘Gasping’ Is Trending After A Visibly Huffing, COVID-Stricken Trump Made His Bizarre Return To The White House

Very little is certain about President Donald J. Trump’s battles with COVID-19, after he tested positive for the coronavirus last week. In fact, even the date he contracted it is in dispute, among other details. Conspiracy theories are swirling about how sick he is, which drugs he’s taking, if he’s even fit to continue performing the most powerful job on earth, and if steroids were to blame for that early morning all-caps tweet-storm . So when he (prematurely!) left Walter Reed Medical Center, in which he’s resided since Friday, returning home to the White House, his attempts to look healthy and back to normal didn’t go over well with everyone.

Upon returning via helicopter to the White House, Trump paused on the balcony for a dramatic photo op. He even removed his mask, despite still being very much infected with a highly contagious disease. Trump went on to record a video, in which he repeated his highly controversial statement that people shouldn’t be afraid of COVID-19, despite the nearly 210,000 deaths in the United States alone, with no end in sight. But right before he did that, he stood there silently, not looking all too well.

Puffier and somehow more orange than before, Trump was also gasping rather heavily, as though winded — as though he was very much in the throes of a disease that especially affects people his age. Maybe he just hadn’t gotten much exercise after three days in a hospital? Or maybe he’s not as well as he let on. In any case, the clip did not inspire confidence.

People had some theories.

People who survived COVID-19 could relate.

Others were reminded of certain dictatorships.

Still others saw parallels with other Trump-era news items.

And there were jokes.

And there were people pointing out that, were Biden gasping like this, Trump would pounce.