‘ROID RAGE’ Is Trending After Trump — Pumped Full Of Steroids To Treat His COVID — Unleashed A Deluge Of Early-Morning All-Caps Tweets

President Trump’s COVID-19 diagnosis led to a series of weekend spectacles, including one in which he risked the health of Secret Service members to take an outside jaunt outside Walter Reed like he’s in North Korea. As Dan Rather summed up on Twitter, “Covid motorcades, signing blank papers, and tear gas walks to a church: the tragedy of Donald Trump’s photo ops.” No matter what side you’re coming at these developments from, this has been a truly exhausting weekend for the American people.

Fast-forward to Monday morning, and it sure looks like it’s been a long weekend for POTUS as well. He’s on steroid treatment (dexamethasone) to combat the virus, and it’s clear that he’s experiencing side effects. Yes, the president is literally tweeting on steroids. As a result, he is Hulking out on Twitter, which explains why “ROID RAGE” is sitting in the sidebar. It is… something, and as writer Amee Vanderpool observed, “The last time I took steroids was in March for Covid. I ripped a t-shirt off of my body from the neck down because the material was scratchy and irritating my skin.”

That’s a perfectly apt explanation for the seventeen all-caps tweets that Trump unloaded within one hour. He’s letting the rage fly with tweets like “SPACE FORCE, VOTE!” along with entries for the 2nd Amendment and religious liberty. The tweet that launched the avalanche ended with, “[R]emember that the Stock Market is getting ready to break its all time high. NEXT YEAR WILL BE THE BEST EVER. VOTE, VOTE, VOTE!!!!!

This healthcare entry is truly baffling, considering that Trump’s enjoying taxpayer-funded healthcare for an infection that he acquired after calling it a hoax.

And like The Terminator, he did not stop.

It’s not even 10:00am EST yet, so watch out, America. Someone’s got the rage of the ‘roids, and no one has taken away the phone charger (yet).