25 Geeky Homemade Halloween Costumes

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It’s already October, which means we have another four weeks before we panic and try to slap together a Halloween costume. Maybe you’re planning ahead better than we are. To that end, we’ve gathered twenty-five geeky Halloween costumes which can be recreated on a small budget.

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Jax Briggs (Mortal Kombat) photographed by Wexrages. [via]

Crujones43‘s son put together an impressive homemade jetpack.

Rock’em Sock’em Robot costumes made by EyeHeartInk. (More pictures here.)

“Handsome Jack (Borderlands) – winner of the Machinima employee costume contest” — KaliHeartCoffee [via]

Pikachu (Pokemon) photographed by millermz.

“My friends and I decided to go as ‘Sexy Avengers’ for Halloween” — ColorMeCameron. We can always use more male superheroes designed like female superheroes.

MaxFischer‘s daughter as Frodo Baggins.


Anya Stroud (Gears Of War) photographed by purpleibanez801. [via]

Lakitu (Mario Kart) [via]

“Found these guys at a red light. Made my day.” – Hot_Sacks. … [via]


“Everyone at work is in costume, and I’m just sitting here…” – crzisme

Based on the 60s Spiderman Meme:

The PlumbBob from The Sims is cheap to make. [via]

Felix Baumgartner costume by Mcstrudle.

Captain Canada [via]

“Princess Leia? Nailed it!” – GentleChainsaw

Chatroulette costume photographed by Jordan Robinson.

Paper Mario costume made from painted cardboard, photographed by Danny Choo.

Shy Guy (from various Mario and Yoshi games) cosplayed by Veence, photographed by CharcoalEyes.

Super Mario 3000 photographed by neil_the_pill. [via]

Mioshiro as Green Link (Legend of Zelda) photographed by MQuiros.

“Close enough.” — courain

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