Even Geraldo Rivera Has Had Enough Of Rudy Giuliani Giving Trump ‘False Hope’ In His Bid To Undo The Election

Even Donald Trump and Rudy Giuliani’s most trusted friends are finally starting to see the damage the president is causing by not conceding the 2020 presidential election. And they’re doing their best to plead to the president on his once-favorite network to give up the ghost.

Geraldo Rivera is the latest Fox News personality to claim Trump’s attempt to undo election results is giving people, including himself, “false hope.” As news spread Thursday that Trump had invited Republican lawmakers from Michigan to the White House in an alarming attempt to somehow decertify election results that actual people cast earlier this month, Rivera appeared on The Five to torpedo any vast conspiracy theories that somehow Trump had the election stolen from him.

“I love the president. I wanted him to win this election. What I saw with Rudy Giuliani, who I’ve known for decades, was bizarre, was unfocused, there was conspiracy theory this or that,” Rivera said. “When you have evidence, that you suggest, what’s the lawsuit that that evidence attaches to? What’s the action? You can’t go to a court and say ‘It’s fraud. Judge… prove it for me.’ Or ask the FBI to prove it for me.”

It’s an unfocused segment, as the camera whirled around between Rivera and another host, Jessie Watters, trying to defend the failing lawsuits and Giuliani’s sweaty, meme-explosion of a press conference from earlier in the day. But perhaps Rivera saved his most accurate line for the end of the conflict.

“We’re giving false hope to people,” he said. It’s certainly true for those who still believe that Trump can somehow remain president, which includes a good number of people watching Fox News — among them the current president.