A German Reporter Dropped A Crystal-Clear F-Bomb — In English, On Live TV — While Reporting On British Political Chaos

As the world reacts to British Prime Minister Liz Truss resigning after just 45 days in office, forever to be remembered as the woman who lost to a head of lettuce, a German reporter is going viral for her F-bomb laced report on the fiasco. During an ARD broadcast, Annette Dittert recounted the chaos that ensued leading up to and after Truss’s resignation. In doing so, Dittert repeated the words of Conservative deputy whip Craig Whittaker, who was not in the best of moods following the embarrassing moment for the Tories.

Dittert also revealed that “es kam zu Handgreiflichkeiten in der Lobby,” which roughly translates to, “There were fisticuffs in the lobby.” You can watch a video of Dittert’s broadcast below, and don’t worry, you won’t need to know German for the good part:

Via Mediaite:

Right in the middle of her German-language Tagesschau report, Dittert quoted furious Conservative deputy whip Craig Whittaker dropping a pair of F-bombs.

“I’m f*cking furious, and I don’t f*cking care anymore,” Dittert read in clear English. She quickly added in German, “I won’t translate that right now but this is a party where really every discipline has collapsed.”

After the report, English tweets of Dittert dropping F-bombs went viral on Twitter as the platform spent most of Thursday being captivated by Truss’s resignation and the ensuing chaos. However, what people did not appreciate was Piers Morgan suggesting he might be the new prime minister. Nobody needs that right now, Piers. Don’t make us go on television and cuss about this, too.

(Via Mediaite)