Gifolas Cage Tackled Nicolas Cage In The Cage On ‘SNL’

I spend most Saturday nights in an exposed hot tub in the back of a moving limousine, so I rarely catch SNL live, but I watched actual Nic Cage (Nicolas Coppola) in the Cage on “Weekend Update” with fake Nic Cage (Andy Samberg) on Warming Glow this morning, and it was pretty much as glorious as it possibly could of been (minus Seth Meyers’ involvement that Kurp so accurately covers here).

I’m having some trouble with not covering every single aspect of this Renaissance O’ Cage we’re currently experiencing while he promotes Ghost Rider: Permanent Melty Face. So I couldn’t have been more excited to discover that our friends at Gifolas Cage have taken on the epic showdown and given me an excuse to cover it.

Full clips and GIFs after the jump. Many props to Samberg for delivering a tremendous performance while sitting next to the Cage himself. “Pierce the hearts of women both old and middle aged alike.” That’s high praise.

Getting Nic Cage to drop a Declaration of Independence line on air might be the biggest SNL coup of the decade and Meyers giggled during it. Ugh.

Source: Gifolas Cage