Giovani Bernard’s Touchdown Run Is A Career Highlight. And He’s Only A Rookie.

Money is involved somewhere, but from a quality standpoint these Thursday night NFL games have been a resounding dud. The match-ups tend to suck and the quality of play is horrific mainly because these guys just finished sacrificing their bodies in the previous week’s game 96 hours earlier. Every so often, however, a moment of pigskin bliss emerges reminding us why America tunes in every Thursday anyway.

Enter Bengals rookie second-round pick Gio Bernard and perhaps the best run of the season. Cutting across field is normally only reserved for college kids (shout out FSU Peter Warrick and USC Reggie Bush!) but Gio did just that last night against the Dolphins for a 35-yard touchdown scamper that’s bound to earn him on year-end highlight mixes.

After for the game itself, the Bengals ended up losing in overtime. Because of a game-ending safety. Did I mention the NFL needs to ax this Thursday night money grub already?