Richard Donner Is Now Spreading Rumors About A Possible ‘Goonies’ Sequel With The Original Cast

Richard Donner could very well be working on a sequel to the 80s classic The Goonies and he wants the original cast back, I’m assuming for a dark, adult tale with murder and intrigue after the Fratellis escape from prison. From TMZ:

Corey Feldman just got awesome news — Richard Donner told us he’s making a sequel to “The Goonies” … and wants to bring back the entire cast.

Donner was signing autographs in Bev Hills when he dropped the bombshell … genuinely surprising our photog.

I always enjoy how some back lot, sideways comment leads to some viral announcement like a new Goonies movie that people can complain about. You see this happening currently with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles childhood destruction that Vince covered and I’m sure it’ll happen time and time again.

If there really is a sequel with the original cast, I can only hope that Sloth has become a state senator who is fighting against fracking in the Goonies’ hometown. And get Cyndi Lauper back for the soundtrack so we can have a modern take with new WWE superstars. A Cesaro swing on Corey Feldman needs to happen at the next Wrestlemania.

(Via TMZ)