A Government Shutdown Could Cost Us The National Zoo’s Live Panda Feed

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09.30.13 8 Comments

According to the people that I haven’t yet hidden from my Facebook feed, the government is heading toward a complete shutdown, which means that our elected leaders will do slightly less work than they already do and the people who work for the government for a living won’t get paid. These truly are amazing times that we’re living in, when the selfish, petty bickering of grown adults flagrantly takes a front seat to the well-being of hard working Americans. *salutes the flag, pants fall down*

But for some perspective on just how far this government shutdown – that CNN reports will “most likely” happen – will reach, we turn to a very disappointing Tweet from the people at the Smithsonian’s National Zoo in Washington DC. Won’t somebody think of the panda bears???

Obviously, we could make a list of roughly a gazillion things that are more essential than a panda cam being turned off because of the government shutdown, but I think the far more important question than “Even the panda cam?” is “Who’s going to feed the animals?” Call me crazy, but I think it would suck if the zoo reopened in a week and the only animal remaining is a lion with a very red mouth.

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