'Grand Theft Auto V' Mythbusters Strike Again In A Third, Hilarious Video

It tells you something that these guys have to dig pretty deep to find myths that aren’t actually true. After two videos showing off the fine detail of this enormous game, a third video demonstrates, well, actually, it demonstrates that there’s still plenty of detail to find in Grand Theft Auto V.

Once again, the format is straightforward. They cite the myth, and then try it out in-game, to often hilarious effect. And once again, you have to marvel at the sheer amount of detail that went into this game:

The centerpiece is, by far, discovering exactly what happens when you drive a truck off the pier in a scuba outfit, which we’ll leave you to discover for yourself. But there are little touches in there that actually surprise us a bit, like the fact that visible safety features don’t really do much. Possibly this is to troll the fan base from Grand Theft Auto IV; if you look around, you might notice that amid all the violence, reckless driving, and drug dealing, some people were deeply concerned that Niko Bellic didn’t put on his seat belt.

Now we’re wondering what’s left. Hey, can you snipe people from the blimp?