Greg Abbott Got Called Out After Falsely Claiming He Doesn’t Have The Authority To Release All Footage From The Uvalde School Shooting

On May 24, 2022, a teenage gunman walked into Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, and proceeded to kill 21 people, including 19 children. While what we have learned about how such an incident was able to occur points to multiple failures on the part of Uvalde police—plus brazen attempts to mislead and outright lie to the public—we do know that there is plenty of video footage from inside the school. To hear Texas governor Greg Abbott tell it, he’s just as fed up as you that we have yet to be made privy to this footage. The one big difference is that Abbott has every right to view those videos and release them to the public all on his own.

As Raw Story reports, Abbott made a big show of his disappointment surrounding how the Uvalde massacre has been handled, and vowed to local CBS reporter Jack Fink that something must change:

“Let me clear and let me be adamant. The full truth of what happened in Uvalde must be disclosed to the public, especially the people of Uvalde, and must be done quickly. The one other thing that must be done is the release of the more than 70-minute video of exactly what happened inside the school that day with only one thing eliminated: that is any images of those who were victims… I’m on the side of full disclosure.”

It’s a powerful statement, to be sure, but CNN reporter Shimon Prokupecz, who has been covering the events in Uvalde, called bullshit on Abbott’s empty promises. As Prokupecz tweeted, Abbott “has the full power to order the DPS to release whatever they want. They have certainly already released information. This makes no sense.”

In that spirit of “full disclosure,” Prokupecz also pointed out that if we truly want to understand what happened on that tragic day—and the full extent of what mistakes were made—”the release of information shouldn’t stop with the hallway video. Police radio transmissions from that day should also be released as has been requested.”

“Today is day 48 and we are still in Texas trying to sort of facts and figure out exactly what happened and why,” Prokupecz lamented, before reminding people that the mayor of Uvalde has expressed his fears concerning a cover-up and already asked Abbott to intervene.

(Via Raw Story)