Greg Gutfeld’s Fox News Colleagues Really Didn’t Seem To Be Into Him During HIs Latest Chauvin Verdict Rant

If you’ve followed conservative media since the Derek Chauvin verdict was revealed on Tuesday, you’ve seen some stuff. Multiple pundits have gone through massive meltdowns, from Tomi Lahren to Ben Shapiro to, of course, Tucker Carlson. And then there’s Greg Gutfeld. Fox News’ resident “funny” pundit had a bizarre “selfish” reaction to the conviction of George Floyd’s murderer. A day later he was back, ranting some more, and pretty clearly annoying his longtime colleagues.

On Wednesday’s episode of The Five, the network’s daily late afternoon round-table hoedown, Gutfeld launched into an rant about how a jury actually finding a police officer guilty was in no way controversial with conservatives. He eventually lost it, turning loud and apoplectic, shouting about how most police stops that turn violent are for white people. All the while, his co-hosts — among them Dana Perino and Juan Williams — sat stone-faced, clearly unamused, almost certainly irritated.

When he was done, Jesse Watters tried to spin it as a nice, adult conversation, which made even Gutfled laugh in derision. “Well, I’m on my meds, that’s why,” Gutfeld joked. His co-hosts didn’t laugh.

Perhaps they were flummoxed by something Gutfeld said earlier, in which he called into question claims that Republicans are furious over the Chauvin verdict. “The debate isn’t dividing the country. The media narrative is dividing the country,” Gutfeld claimed. “No one is divided over the Chauvin verdict. Do you know anybody that said ‘boo-hoo that was wrong, I’m really angry?’”

Thing is, there’s at least one notable person who’s claimed the verdict was wrong: Gutfeld’s Fox News colleague Tucker Carlson, who the night before had devoted part of his show to claiming that the jury only found Chauvin guilty because they were terrified of Black Lives Matter protests.

But, you know, other than all of the highly publicized meltdowns from noted Republican pundits, conservatives seem to be taking this all pretty well.