Ben Shapiro Is Getting Dunked On For His Predictably Troll-y Response To People Saying That Justice Was Served With The Chauvin Verdict

Ben Shapiro, conservative commentator and noted “WAP” critic, can always be counted on to say the wrong thing. The day Derek Chauvin was convicted of murdering George Floyd was one of them. While many were celebrating the rare case of a murderous cop being thrown in jail, Shapiro went trolling.

The Daily Wire honcho took umbrage with Don Lemon’s response to the verdict, which found Chauvin guilty of all three charges that had been brought against him. “Justice has been served,” the CNN host said. Shapiro did not like that.

“And we all know he would never have said this had the reverse verdict been reached,” Shapiro tweeted.

Did Shapiro think Lemon — or really anyone — would say “justice has been served” if a cop who had been filmed killing an unarmed man as he gasped for breath and asked for his mom was acquitted? Apparently! Or something. Sometimes conservative pundits and lawmakers, like Jim Jordan, don’t think their tweets through.

But people were quick to point out Shapiro’s lack of logic. One response put it most succinctly: “almost like there’s a difference between a murderer going free and not.”

Many agreed.

Others simply brought burns.

Some got the sense that Shapiro and other conservatives were angry that there wouldn’t be riots over an innocent verdict.

And others threw Shapiro’s catchphrase — the one he’s long had as his pinned tweet — back in his face.