Guillem March Summons Robert Crumb's Pervy Powers to Parody His Own Catwoman Cover

So, recently the comics blogosphere erupted into a full-on tizzy when it was revealed the upcoming Catwoman #0 would feature a weird leather-clad blob of boobs and butt cheeks on the cover. Apparently this is supposed to be human super-heroine Catwoman — I dunno, I don’t see it…

It’s a pretty bad cover, but it’s hard to get too mad at its artist Guillem March, because a) he’s actually quite talented, and b) he seems to have a sense of humor about himself. In fact he even did his own parody of his Catwoman cover in the style of R. Crumb. Hit the jump to check it out…

Definitely an improvement. Amusingly, in addition to giving the cover a Crumb-esque makeover, March has also tightened up his anatomy a bit — at least Catwoman’s boobs are sort of in the right place now.

In a post on his blog March said he was cool with fan criticism of the cover, but called out other creators, particularly Cameron Stewart, for openly mocking it.

March is right. Anyone who’s ever done art for money knows sometimes your skills temporarily abandon you, a piece doesn’t turn out right and you just have to go with it because you’re already past deadline. As someone who’s done his fair share of freelance art and graphic design work, I can sympathize with March. Of course I still filled this story up with jokes at the expense of March’s Catwoman cover, but that’s because I’ve got my snarky blogger hat on now — full-time comic artists probably shouldn’t have been so quick with the scathing parodies.

via Comics Alliance