Try To Contain Your Envy At This British Guy Who Makes Friends With An Adorable Fox

One of the more charming things about London (or one of the more common nuisances, to some who live there) are the abundance of urban red foxes who live and prowl around in the city — approximately 10,000, to be exact. Like most urban dwelling animals, London’s red foxes are for the most part emboldened around humans, but that still doesn’t explain the scene in the above video titled “Fox Friend,” recorded by Britain Henry Hoffman.

Hoffman says in the beginning of the video, “So, I’m just chilling out with this fox now, um, he is like my mate? He’s just a friend of mine now, which is kind of cool.” As the video progresses, the little fox grabs a hold of Hoffman’s bag and engages him in a game of tug of war, just like your garden variety dog might do. “I mean obviously it’s cool, he’s like a fox, but he won’t leave me alone,” Hoffman continues in bemused frustration, clearly not sure how to proceed with the situation. Other than the very obvious solution of taking it home and making it a pet, which is what some of us might do.

Eventually, after nearly falling asleep with the bag in its mouth, the fox scampered off (off camera), narrowly avoiding getting hit by a bus, according to Hoffman. It looks like it will live to steal another person’s bag, or perhaps find itself a home!