Hanksy's Ferrell Cats May Be His Masterpiece, Introduces The World To Ron Purgundy

06.19.12 6 years ago

It’s been several months since we’ve checked in with anonymous street artist Hanksy and we’ve missed out on all sort of developments in the life and times of everyone’s favorite Banksy-parodying Tom Hanks enthusiast. That one is on me, guys. I haven’t dropped balls so precipitously since middle school. Many apologies.

The good news is we have all sorts of Hanksy to cover, beginning with his above latest creation: Ferrell Cats. As far as I’m concerned it is his masterpiece and he should get out of the street art pop culture parodying game now while he’s on top. Not so long ago Hanksy began broadening his pop culture horizons — presumably because he’d exhausted all Tom Hanks-related ideas —  and Ferrell Cats is the pinnacle of these efforts. It’s the same classic punnery and piggybacking the Banksy street art style, but this time around it melds THREE subjects, who all just happen to share similarly pronounced names, which also happen to sound like a descriptive term for non-domesticated felines! We’re talking next level sh*t, my friends.

Full Ferrell Cats collection here, including Ron Purgundy, as well as some other recent Hanksy efforts like Marty McFly, Pie Hard, and the curiously scrapped Stark and Recreation. Oh yeah, Hanksy has a Tumblr now. You should probably follow it. Right after you rename your cat Ron Purgundy.

Via Hanksy Tumblr, Krause Gallery, and Huffington Post

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