'Harry Potter' Superfan Wanted By The FBI After Threatening The Webmaster Tattooed On Her Thigh

Engorgio crazy. In a story that could have been taken straight out of the new Robert Galbraith novel, 28-year-old Harry Potter superfan Jessica Elizabeth Parker has been accused by the FBI of a five-year hate campaign against Harry, A History author Melissa Anelli, including sending messages that read, “You will have much to fear from me in the coming months. This is not over until someone is on the floor bleeding their life away.”

Anelli also works for a Potter-themed web forum, and a few years ago, she booted Parker out. Since then, according to the NZ Herald, Parks has “sent dozens of emails, texts, and letters,” which whisper sweet nothings like, “I will not sit by as you attempt to crush what little I have left, I would rather slit your damn throat and be done with it…If you don’t say a word, I’m warning you right now, you will die!” Even Bellatrix thinks that melodramatic.

According to the PopWrapped blog, Parker had an enormous picture of Anelli tattooed on her upper thigh and penned a sexually explicit, dominatrix-themed short story dedicated to the author.

Anelli’s assistant said this week that the author was concerned for her and her family’s safety and wished to “respect the integrity of the ongoing case” so would not comment further.

Parker will be arrested if she travels to the U.S. (Via)

In the epilogue to this story, Parker is arrested and Anelli has two kids, Joe and Slit Your Damn Throat.

(Via the Herald)

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