Hatchimals Are 2016’s Most Popular Christmas Present, If You Can Find Them

Senior Pop Culture Editor


Every year, there’s one Christmas present that children want above all others. In 1996, it was Tickle Me Elmo; 1997: Tamagotchi. Twenty years later, in 2016, toy-makers at Spin Master have finally cracked the code, and combined Tickle Me Elmo’s obnoxious cuteness with the neediness of the Tamagotchi.

Thus, Hatchimals were born.

If you have a kid, or spend an inordinate amount of time watching the Disney Channel (not judging), you’ve probably heard of Hatchimals. Which is to say, you’ve heard Lil’ Jaden screaming about Hatchimals. In case you haven’t, though: The toys come in eggs, and the more they’re played with, the quicker the species (known as Pengualas, Draggles, Owlicorns, Burtles, and Bearakeets; I’m totally Team Burtles) inside hatches. Then they go through different life stages — baby, toddler, and child — before dying, I guess?

Hatchimals retail for $59.99, but because the toys are sold out everywhere, including Walmart and Toys R Us (where a manager said, “Everybody lines up when they come in, and they go right out the door”), they’re going for hundreds, if not thousands, on eBay. “Mommy, I mean, Santa loves you, but not enough to spend three-hundred bucks on some sort of bird thing.”

They might not be back on shelves until after Christmas, either.

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