Hell Hath No Fury Like An Insult Comic Dog Scorned

As you may have heard, Dog News Daily (yes, this really exists) recently announced the nominees for it’s “Golden Collar Award” — think of it as the Golden Globe awards for dogs in movies and TV shows. It made news recently because Martin Scorcese had been petitioning to have Blackie, the Doberman Pinscher from “Hugo,” nominated for one.

Shockingly, Triumph the Insult Comic Dog was snubbed. Naturally, Triumph is not taking the news well, posting the hilarious video rant below to trash the dogs that did receive nominations. However, he did have relatively kind words for the dog from Entourage, saying, “Okay, I have to admit, this is a tough role, constantly having to inhale the toxic fumes of Axe body spray and Jeremy Piven’s wig glue, all the while knowing that the dog is a better actor than Adrian Grenier.”