Here Are The Nick Offerman High School Yearbook Photos Ron Swanson Fans Have Been Clamoring For

As you may have noticed, we’re huge Parks and Recreation fans around here. And on a show filled with loveable characters, arguably the most loveable is Ron Swanson. Yes, the adoration for Swanson runs deep here and across the web — I’ve even made the argument in the past that no character in the history of television is more beloved by denizens of the web.

So it stands to reason that Nick Offerman, the talented actor who portrays Swanson on Parks and Rec, would become a bit of an object of fascination to fans of the show like us. So when an UPROXX reader emailed in this morning to ask if we’d be interested in seeing some photos of Offerman, who grew up in the Chicago suburb of Minooka, from one of his high school yearbooks, we were all, “OMG YES YES YES!!!”

Our tipster writes:

The photos are from Minooka High School 1986/87. I did not go there or know Nick, I am way too young. The photos are from a co-worker who went there but wasn’t in the same class as Nick. I had the Swanson Pyramid of Greatness hanging at my desk, when my co-worker walked by and said he knew Nick Offerman and they went to high school together. I didn’t believe him, so as proof he brought in his yearbook. He said Nick and him weren’t friends, but everyone at school knew who Nick was. He was popular, a very nice guy and in every school play.


So enjoy this mini-gallery of awesome Nick Offerman yearbook photos, including one of him in a toga and another in which he’s labeled a “stud.” As my colleague Maske noted over gchat earlier, “He looks like he’s doing his best C. Thomas Howell impersonation.” So very true. Enjoy!