Here’s A Look At The ‘Iron Man 3’ DVD’s Hayley Atwell Bonus Content

I wasn’t a huge fan of Iron Man 3, so I’m probably not going to be buying the movie on DVD/Blu-ray (also I’m living in the 21st century and have Netflix) although I am slightly more tempted now that I know Hayley Atwell will be part of the package.

As Dan already reported, the latest “Marvel One-Shot” short will star Atwell’s character from Captain America: The First Avenger, Agent Carter. Atwell was one of the best parts of Captain America and I was disappointed to hear she won’t play a large role in the sequel, so it’s nice her character is getting this small opportunity to shine at least. Hit the jump for a quick clip from the Agent Carter short…

Hopefully the entire rest of the short is just Hayley Atwell dropping sassy witticisms in a high-class British accent while kicking guys in the balls. What? You’re not into that sort of thing?

via ENI