Here’s What It Actually Looks Like When 20 Strangers Have Their First Kiss

When you really think about it, there’s nothing sexy about swapping spit with someone — “kissing” is just a fancy way of saying “face-smashing.” It’s even less romantic when dumb clothing companies pander to our romantic sides to sell their dumb clothes. This week has seen plenty of “First Kiss” parodies, from dogs to toilets to handjobs, and now comes Vice’s realistic look at strangers smooching for the first time.

[“First Kiss”] was quite awkward and quite sweet, and so far it’s had over 40 million YouTube views. But all the people that director Tatia Pilieva cast were models, actors and musicians – i.e. people who aren’t exactly renowned for being bashful and awkward. Also, they were American.

So we went out into the street and found 20 strangers who aren’t models of any description to stick their stiff British upper lips together for £20 a pop. (Via)

The eager men predictably get far more into than the more-hesitant women, though I didn’t need a viral video to show me that. I’ve had plenty of experience…

Via Vice