Here’s The Debut Trailer For The First New 52 Animated Movie ‘Justice League War’

The New 52 Universe has been around for a while now, but so far there hasn’t been much crossover into other forms of entertainment. Sure, Superman didn’t have his red underwear in Man of Steel, but that’s about it.

Well, the New 52 finally gets the animated treatment in Justice League War, an adaptation of Geoff Johns and Jim Lee’s first arc on Justice League. For those who didn’t read it, the arc was a pretty standard “superheroes meet up and snipe at each other before teaming up to fight a major threat” thing.

You can check out a trailer below…

Not bad. Hell, looks more entertaining than the comics were. That said, Jeebus, would you stop messing around with Wonder Woman’s costume DC? Or if you’re dead-set on changing the outfit, get someone who isn’t a middle-aged man who spends all his time alone drawing comics to design it. Thanks.

via DC Women Kicking Ass