Here’s A Look At The Refreshingly Not-Robotnik Villains Of ‘Sonic Lost World’

Dammit! Try as I might, I just can’t stop myself from thinking the upcoming Sonic Lost World looks good. One of the things I find most enticing about the game, is that it’s the first Sonic title in uh, well, ever, to feature villains other than Dr. Robotnik. These new villains even seem to have some personality! Granted these personalities can all be summed up in a couple words (fat guy, sullen teenager, the girl) but that’s still way more development than most Sonic characters receive.

Hit the jump for a new trailer showcasing Sonic’s new adversaries “The Deadly Six”…

Start the video, then click on one of the Deadly Six to see their trailer.

Sonic Lost World comes out in a little over a month. Begin the countdown to disappointment! Or maybe, possibly, not-disappointment? I’m hoping?

via All Games Beta