This Pet Squirrel Named ‘Joey’ Is Being Called A Hero After ‘Going Nuts’ On A Would-Be Burglar

Usually when a squirrel is in the news for one reason or another, it’s because they’re committing attempted murder on public servants or attacking the elderly at a senior center or even wreaking havoc on a holiday display. But when rehabilitated — although rare — squirrels can actually make pretty great pets, too. Apparently, they can be every bit the dedicated and loyal protector that dogs are, if this story out of Meridian, Idaho is any indication.

Homeowner Adam Pearl found himself the victim of a robbery on Tuesday when he came home and noticed that things were not quite right — first, footprints in the snow leading from the driveway around to the back of the house, and then when he got inside saw several doors open that are usually closed. Scratch marks around the lock on his gun safe confirmed his suspicions, at which point he called the authorities.

Meridian Police Officer Ashley Turner arrived on the scene, who was quickly introduced to Pearl’s pet squirrel, Joey.

“During her investigations Joey had run in the bedroom just screwing around like he always does between her legs and kind of startled her,” explained Pearl. “She says ‘Whoa, what was that?,’ and I said ‘Ahhh don’t worry about that, that’s just Joey, my pet squirrel’.”

Officer Turner asked Pearl if Joey would bite, to which he responded, “Well, he usually doesn’t bite but you never know because he is a squirrel.” At that point she left to go investigate, but within a few hours she had a suspect, who — by the sounds of it — met the business end of a squirrel.

“She said while she was questioning the individual he had scratches on his hands so she asked him, ‘Did you get that from the squirrel?,’ and he says ‘Yeah, damn thing kept attacking me and wouldn’t stop until I left’,” Pearl said.

You can watch the whole pun-filled segment in the above video, and just so you know. Joey did get a little something for his troubles: his favorite treat, Whoppers candy. Best. Squirrel. Ever.

(Via NBC 26)