The High Cost Of Being A Stripper Makes For One Ridiculously Expensive Career

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During any given evening, glammed-up ladies dance on stripper poles as men make it rain. If we’re talking about the wee hours of morning, these ladies do the same thing while consuming the “legs and eggs” as popularized on truckstop-style marquees. These women work hard, but few men consider how much money it costs the ladies to be there. The illusion of a stripper often presents itself as young women earning some extra cash as they put themselves through school. More often than not, these ladies have made a substantial career investment to transform into the ultimate male fantasy.

To start, many strippers have to pay house fees similar to a booth rental for other occupations such as hairstylists. Yes, dancers shell out money just to climb onstage (especially in classier establishments). On top of that, they have to look the role. Enter many different wardrobe and makeup expenses, plus a gym membership to keep that stripper tush in tip-top shape. Ratter delivered a breakdown of costs, which may destroy the fantasy:

Strippers’ outfits can cost up to $80 per look, and long gowns as much as $250. Other essentials include a pair of platform stripper heels ($60) and spandex bottoms ($15), but most clubs will double your panty expenses by enforcing a practice called “T-Backing.” Since the clubs have no-nudity policies, dancers double- or even triple-up on G-strings.

But wait, there’s more! Here’s a few more expenses that strippers end up paying for to ready themselves for disrobing:

  • In-house makeup jobs (“somewhere between natural and drag”): $20-$25
  • False eyelashes (depending on the thickness & durability): $10-$250
  • Tattoo coverup (mostly in high-end stripper joints): $30
  • Elastic bands (gotta hold that money somewhere): Barely anything

Does this information ruin the illusion, or will it cause a greater influx of tips? Perhaps both, but the fleeting connection between strippers and clientele rarely follow common sense rules.

(Via Ratter)

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