Hillary Clinton Called Trump’s Indictments A ‘Terrible Moment’ For America (But Still Cracked A Smile After Years Of ‘Lock Her Up’ Chants)

Donald Trump loves to goad his supporters into chanting “lock her up” whenever he mentions Hillary Clinton. But now he’s the one sweating getting locked up, following a fourth indictment. This irony was surely not lost on Clinton, who appeared on Monday’s episode of Rachel Maddow Live shortly after the news broke. “Oh, I can’t believe this,” she said with a laugh.

But Clinton wasn’t smiling when she called yesterday a “terrible moment” in American history. “I don’t know that anybody should be satisfied. This is a terrible moment for our country to have a former president accused of these terribly important crimes,” she told host Rachel Maddow. “The only satisfaction is that the system is working. That all of the efforts by Trump and his allies and enablers to try and silence the truth and undermine democracy have been brought into the light. And justice is being pursued.”

Clinton, who felt “great profound sadness,” said that Trump and his cronies “set out to defraud the United States of America and the citizens of our nation” using “harassment,” “intimidation,” and “threats.” The interview ended in a lighter mood, however, with Maddow thanking Clinton for dropping by and apologizing for it happening during this news. She replied, “I was going to say, just tell me when to show up the next time. We’ll see what he’s charged with then.”

You can watch a clip from the interview below.

(Via The Hill)