Holy Crap, People Are Actually Buying Comic Books Again

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08.07.12 2 Comments

Amazing what a whole bunch of hit movies, a huge relaunch, and a big hit TV show will do for a struggling medium.

2012 has actually been a year of good news for comics publishers and your FLCS. July marks another month where comic sales, both graphic novels and floppies, were up compared to this time last year.

It’s not exactly a return to the days of comics pushing a million copies out the door, but the point is, sales are up.

Helping things is the fact that the industry has realized a few things. In July 2011, Marvel was still staggering towards a digital strategy, for example. Digital sales have not hurt comics shops, amazingly, and now they’re sitting comfortably with everyone else at the table, helping to drive up revenues.

But the key point is… people are actually buying comics. It’s not enough to save the industry, and it may not be a permanent turnaround. But for now, it’s enough to know they’re selling.

image courtesy andyi on Flickr

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