This Hospital Worker’s Extreme Meltdown Is A Lesson In Patience

04.17.16 3 years ago

Above is an iPhone video of a steaming mad hospital volunteer. The person taking the video narrates the action, saying that he and his family need help, but that the volunteer called him the n-word.

First, she somewhat calmly tells the man filming, Isaiah Baskins, according to Law Newz, that he and his family are “getting out.” And then she has a meltdown while trying to get security on the phone.

“I’m not putting up with it!” she screeches, while Baskins asks what’s wrong with her. She then gets very close to the camera and screeches “get out.” It looks like she tries to push one of Baskins’ kids out, though that part is out of frame, after which he tells her not to put her hands on them.

“Get your damn underwear out of here! Gray underwear!” She yells. And then goes at Baskins like a rabid dog, telling him to get his kids out, all while yelling about gray underwear. It even looks like she tries to kick Baskins out of frame, as other hospital officials try to defuse the situation. Eventually, security is called.

After Baskins posted the video to Youtube, Law Newz says that a Wake Forest Baptist hospital spokesperson apologized in the comments. Bro Bible has a statement that the hospital released, saying, “This behavior does not reflect our identity or our values. This individual is no longer a volunteer with our organization.”

(via Law Newz and Bro Bible)

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